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About Me
What brings you to The Seraphim Project 2012-2027 Community?
I like to be part of this loving progressive Spiritual Community. I truly feel I was led to this website

General About Me
I am a retired Physician and College Teacher. I have also served as a Pastor in the my life.


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Here For
Learning and Sharing

I enjoy writing, reading, learning and am completing my M.Div.because I enjoy being a student and love to travel.Music I play Guitar and Keyboard.

Favorite Music
Classical, Blues, Jazz, Rock (especially 60's and 70's)

Favorite Movies
Matrix series, Inception, Godfather trilogy (especially One and two) and Documentaries

Favorite Books
Scripture (Bible, and Scriptures of other Faiths) 11/22/63 by Stephen King (I like all of Kings Books and Dr. Stephen Boston's "Reluctant Messenger of Science and Religion"

Favorite Quotations
"In every phase of life, you’ll be confronted with something that scares you. And you have to go into it being as fearless as you can."

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