Divine Source as the Root of All Things

written on May 2, 2016 by Maria Celeste G

Do you ever wonder how Divine Source could fit into the infinitely small yet fill the infinite vastness?  Though ineffable and immeasurable,  the presence of Divine Source indisputably permeates our most subtle levels of  awareness.

To the sincere seeker and to the pure of heart, The Infinite Source of All Life and Existence is undeniably there for us to experience and expound upon.  Divine Source is in us as much as it is in all.  It is the root of both the primeval Chaos and the harmonious Cosmos, gestalt and abstract in concept, yet very personal and real to the ones who choose to remember and embody the sublime Truth behind any and all forms.

Have you ever wondered how the formless takes form?  It is simple and yet profound.  The mystery begins with a choice which puts forth an intent filled with enthusiasm, anticipation and certainty.  What follows is the unfolding of a most miraculous process of creation and manifestation of life and existence, in its countless, holographic expressions  -- a kaleidoscope of pure love in action!

The Mystery of Divine Source is elegantly truthful, perpetually purposeful, essentially free and eternally present. This mystery lives in me.  It lives in you.  It lives in all:  from the infinitely small to the infinitely vast.  Remember and bask in the Mystery of Love that unifies all these, being grateful for each moment, then, now, and forever.     

2016 Maria Celeste Garcia