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Jul 12th 2014 Mary Bousfield replied to The Ascended Masters
Jul 8th 2014 Maria Celeste G VelAja TalaLei added a new discussion The Ascended Masters
Who Are The Ascended Masters?


Did you know that The Ascended Masters have also been incarnated on earth and other planets in the Cosmos?  They have lived through the rites of passage, the struggles, the blessings, the challenges, the gifts, the sorrows, and the joys of being Human incarnate on the earth plane.  They have risen above the human condition, ascending as it were, to a place beyond the cycles of life and death as we know it here on planet earth.

Having been incarnated on earth like the rest of us who are still journeying towards spiritual maturity and fulfillment of our full potential, they are in a unique position to guide us because they are able to relate to humanity intimately and directly.  

Many of us who intuitively understand the availablility of Spiritual Guidance from a Higher realm or level of existence, come to embrace the gifts being offered to us by the Ascended Masters, the Miracle Workers, and the Saints.  Their Divine presence is most especially helpful and inspirational for those among us who are on The Conscious Spiritual Path.

The idea of being an Ascended Master is very much in alignment with the concept of Human Beings reaching their full potential, realizing the Divinity within themselves as well as the Divinity within All else.  

The Ascended Ones are often referred to as Masters because they are said to come to Conscious Mastery of themselves as an Individual as well as their role and relationship to All That Is and to the Divinity that permeates everything.

Ascended Masters are at One with The Infinite Source of All That Is while choosing to remain as an individuated conscious being to make themselves available to humanity, the planet and the Cosmos.  They assist everyone who are receptive to their Love and Light on the spiritual journey Home.

Learn more about The Ascended Masters here in our sacred room dedicated to them, and learn more about Yourself in your highest expressions.  Afterall, They are also Us, for in essence, We are One Great Family in The Divine.


"The Ascended Masters" is written by Maria Celeste Garcia on July 8, 2014 @ 5:43 pm CDST

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