Hello everyone.  Our Kindred Spirits Community Portal (http://www.TheSeraphimProject2012-2027.spruz.com) is undergoing a 'make-over' in website design to enhance function and to match and synchronize it with our Main Seraphim Portal serving as the Hub/Center/Nexus/Bridge (http://www.Seraphim.spruz.com).

The development of our Portals is an ongoing process from the beginning -- a work in progress, as it were, moving forward and up for an indefinite period of time.  However, this announcement is a specific  message pertaining to  a concentration on the re-design and time-intensive and energy-intensive editing/organizing of the content in the next 3 months (August - November 2014).

We will be contacting the ones who have contributed content and sent suggestions to discuss what we can do about past posts and submissions.  Everyone is still encouraged to fill our community portal website with content meant to reach other people from around the globe who resonate and may benefit from what we wish to share.

Kindly contact us at any of our portals if you need assistance or if you have relevant questions and comments.  Our contact forms can be found here:  http://www.Seraphim.spruz.com/contact.htm

Thank you very much.  Infinite Blessings to One and All.

Maria Celeste G. (VelAja TalaLei)

Co-Creator of Lightship Seraphim, Multidimensional Cosmic Vessel of The Seraphim Project 2012-2027 Missionary Platform in Loving Service to The Infinite Source of All That Is who many refer to The Divine, or God Source.